Why we’ve opted for Low Carbon Zero Iron Stays

The days of hotels, used-once towels and crisp white boiled, bleached and pressed sheets are over. We’re in a new world now, where climate change is not only real but wreaking havoc with our weather, crops, costs of living and our wildlife. And this is why we’ve made a few decisions with our two short term let homes.

Probably the most controversial one is our decision to not source our laundry for washing and ironing. Instead we wash on eco settings and we don’t iron. Yep, that’s right. Our sheets are wrinkly and proud! Not only does ironing take a lot of time and add cost to your nightly rate, it also uses a load of energy. We leave our low-wrinkle bedding and comfy snuggly bed covers unironed, and we leave the crisp white sheets and towels to the hotels. They have economies of scale on their side, but the small business-owned homes can achieve more environmental good karma than the hotels can. And yes, you’ll be spending your money with local businesses that spend their money locally. Even more good karma for you!

Sound good? Why not see if your next stay in Bristol is a low carbon stay?






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